The black shower arm has a distinctive feature that makes it stand out from the rest. Generally, shower arms are made in different colors and designs. However, the black shower arm is slowly dominating the market because of its uniqueness. If you have a flair for all things black, then you’re in luck with a black shower arm.

As a neutral colour, black tends to fit into most backgrounds. Unlike most high-quality shower arms, the black-colored version has fascinating features that make them stand out. When you intend to buy, ensure that you look out for quality and a finishing touch. The beauty and uniqueness of the black shower arm are the reason why most people are choosing it over other shower arms.

Why should you consider a black shower arm?

A shower arm is one of the primary components of the complete shower set. When it comes to making a choice of the shower arm, you will be left with several options to make. However, you have to choose a black shower arm because of the following reasons.

Makes a perfect match for more shower heads

Black is a fascinating color that can literally match and blend with any bathroom interior color. So, when you install it in your bathroom, you can attach any desirable choice of shower head and still get the best fitting.

Beautify your bathroom

If you hope to change the entire face of your bathroom, you should consider adding a black shower arm to your bathroom design. If you look through bathroom décor ideas, you’re sure to find one with a black shower arm. The stand-out beauty you will get from this facility alone will change the overall outlook of your bathroom.

How do I clean my shower arm?

If you intend to clean your shower arm, you have to follow the right process to avoid causing any damage. The best way to clean your shower arm consists of the following.

  • Start by disconnecting the shower head from the arm. You can use a wrench or your hand to do this. The showerhead is often screwed onto the shower head arm.
  • Use the same wrench to remove the shower arm from the water outlet.
  • Dust out the body of the shower arm and soak the shower head with white vinegar.
  • Get rid of the dirt that sticks around the shower arm. This will include loose debris and drywall dust.
  • Clean again and allow the arm to dry off.
  • Add tape to the shower arm if needed before reconnecting it to the shower head.
  • Reconnect the shower arm to the water outlet before turning on the shower to check your work. If there are any leakages, you may want to check the connections and add a teflon tape to seal it properly.


When you intend to buy a shower arm, you should consider several factors to get the best bathroom ware. Getting a black shower arm offers numerous benefits to your bathroom. Black shower head arms add a unique flair to the design of bathrooms.


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