Lace wigs are realistic and beautiful wigs that can be styled and colored easily according to your desire and requirements. It’s not a big task to color or dye a lace frontal wig. There are some already colored lace front wigs available in the market. You can buy your favorite color from the market. But for dyeing your HD lace wig you have to follow some tips. Coating a wig evenly with a rocking new color can be possible for you if you will read this guide. Below are steps to follow. Let’s look at these.

Sectioning and conditioning your wig

Grab your wig and apply conditioner to your wig. Make your wig damp and then apply a special conditioner to the wig. These are pre-steps for dyeing your wig. By following these steps you will get a shiny and healthy dye on your hair. Also, it will protect the hair from damage. Deep conditioners are available on beauty shops and websites online. You can purchase those and apply them to your wig hair for 1 hour and then rinse out.

Dry the wig

The second step is to dry your wig. After conditioning, you have to make the wig dry. For that purpose, use blow drying and use it properly for a few minutes to dry the hair of the wig. You shouldn’t use a hair dryer or blow dryer if your wig’s hair is damaged or in brittle condition. Drying a wig in this condition can make your wig useless.

Use a wide-toothed comb

Never use the regular comb that you use for original human hair on HD lace wigs. Always use a wide-toothed comb on wigs. Use the brush gently on your wig for cleaning it from residuals of dust, knots, and snarls before dyeing. This will make it easier for you to dye the wig. Combing gently and firmly, start from the bottom of your wig and go upwards towards the scalp. As bristles are so delicate, a regular brush will damage them so use a wide-toothed comb.

Separation of the wig into parts

Now separate the parts of your wig and tie them with hair ties. You can separate those into 5-7 parts using ties. It is necessary to make perfectly even ties, but try to tie the same amount of hair in each section. Doing this will help you in managing the dyeing process for your hair. You can assess how much hair is left for dyeing. For dyeing your wig with separate colors, apply the required colors to every section. It will work easily for you.

Apply the dye

Apply your desired color to the wig. As lace front wigs are made up of human hair. That’s why you can apply any color of your choice that can be applied to real human hair. As it is made from human hair you have to bleach the hair before dyeing. Bleach it first so it can pick the color of your choice. But if you are picking a dark color then there is no need for bleach.


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