There are some common specifications and terms that you can look for in every pressure washer equipment. Understanding these terms can help you choose the right pressure washer for cleaning jobs. You should have heard about terms such as RPM, LPM, and PSI. Among these units, PSI is the most common unit of your hot water pressure washer system. When you are making a purchase of your pressure washer, these terms are very critical to consider. Another most common thing to consider is industry. This blog will give you in-depth knowledge about all those specifications and terms for your pressure washer.

PSI (Pound Per Square Inch)

The pressure exerted by your pressure washer is measured in terms of PSI. It is an important thing to consider since the amount of pressure you exert on any surface defines the quality of cleaning that your pressure washer can show. If you are a homeowner and you want to buy a pressure washer for home services then 1000-1900 PSI is enough for this purpose. If you need to perform heavy industrial Jobs then 2000-2900 PSI is enough. On the other hand, if you want to use your pressure washer for commercial purposes then 3000 PSI is most suitable.

LPM (Liters Per Minute)

LPM denotes the amount of water that your pressure washer can give based on the time duration of one minute. LPM has more effect on cleaning performance as compared to PSI. For example, if you want to put out a fire then you will definitely need a large amount of water to get the job done. You will not just put a cup of water for this purpose. The same is the difference between a PSI and LPM.

RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)

RPM defines the working quality of the motor in your pressure washer equipment. If you want to use your pressure washer system for domestic applications then 3400+ RPM is most suitable. Low RPMs are most preferred for industrial applications and heavy-duty purposes.

Industrial Categorisation

After you are done defining the PSI, LPM, and RPM for your pressure washer, the next thing that matters the most is industrial Categorisation. You have to categorize the process based on parameters such as PSI/flow and the number of hours per day that your machine will work. There is a simple categorization of your pressure washer that is listed below :

Domestic purposes have very little use such as one to two hours per day. Commercial applications make use of pressure washers for two to four hours per day. While industrial applications have heavy-duty jobs that take almost four to 8 or maximum hours per day. Based on industrial Categorisation, you can choose the perfect match for washing jobs at domestic, industrial, and commercial levels.


After knowing about all the described specifications and terms, now you must be able to choose the best pressure washer for your cleaning as well as washing purposes. You can also read the user manual pr buying guide to be more clear about it.


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