pusdon + counter Vs over sink drying racks

Traditionally, towels were the go-to item for drying dishes and utensils after cleaning them. However, research has proven that drying dishes using towels is not 100% safe. Fibers from the towels and germs from constant holding and improper storage often get transferred to your clean dishes. Therefore, drying racks are a better alternative. Drying racks from brands like Pusdon provide a safer and more hygienic technique for drying clean dishes. There are two primary styles of drying racks; countertop and over sink drying racks. This excerpt discusses everything you need to know about counter Vs. over sink drying racks.

Countertop Vs. Over sink drying racks

These structures are both used for holding dishes as they dry. However, despite their similar functions, they have significant differences.

a. Countertop dish drying racks

As the name suggests, countertop drying racks for dishes are usually placed on the counter. This means that they do not go in or on the sink. However, people place their countertop drying racks next to the sink most of the time. This is essential because the water from the dishes gets to drain back into the sink. However, this usually depends on the construction of your countertop. For instance, if your countertop is slanting, it will be easy for the drained water to flow back into the sink and vice versa. Some of the best countertop draining racks come with a drainage system to keep this from happening. For instance, some come with a water collection tray at the bottom. The rack collects the drained water, and you get to pour out the water later.

Benefits of countertop dish drying racks;

  • They are easy to use
  • They are easy to shop for as you need not worry about them fitting over the sink (you do not need to measure your sink)
  • They come in compact sizes for small kitchens with small countertops

Downsides of countertop dish drying racks

  • You have to deal with the drained water over your counter
  • They may not come in handy if you have a small countertop
  • The water draining may damage your countertops

b. Over sink dish drying racks

Over-sink dish draining racks are fast becoming the most popular alternative on the market. These racks are usually placed over the sink to allow the drained water to flow into the sink bowl. With these racks, you must measure the size of your sink to ensure it fits perfectly. These drying racks come in different sizes. There are small sizes for small sinks and large sizes that can work on dual sink bowls.

Benefits of over sink dish draining racks

  • They are perfect for draining because the water goes back into the sink
  • They are easy to use as they are close to where you wash the dishes
  • They usually are very strong and made from the highest quality material

Disadvantages of over sink dish draining racks

  • They are challenging to pick as you have to measure your sink to get the ideal size


Both types of drying racks for dishes and utensils are ideal. This means that none is more superior to the other. Therefore, when picking between the two, you have to consider the pros and cons of each. It would also be wise to assess your needs, the amount of space you have in your kitchen, and the rack’s functions.


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