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You should think about the style of wig cap you want, whether you want synthetic or real hair, and what color you desire before you purchase a wig. The shape of your face is another key consideration when trying to locate a wig that looks well on you. A good starting point is your face shape, particularly if you have never worn a wig before or are doing your wig buying online for the first time. Six distinct facial forms are common in women. Depending on your face shapes, you may choose from a variety of cheap human hair wigs.

Variety of Face Shapes:

1. Oval Face:

A person with an oval face has a face that is roughly one and a half times as long as it is wide. When it comes to facial proportions, the forehead is usually somewhat larger than the chin. With an oval face shape, you may wear a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces. An oval face may be accentuated by a variety of haircuts.

2. Round Face:

Larger cheekbones and a lack of angularity characterize a round face shape. Layered or waved wigs with plenty of volumes are ideal for women with round faces. Look for wigs that are shoulder length or longer, since the layers on these wigs will give your softer jawline more rigidity and substance. Pixie cuts, short bobs, and hairstyles with inward-facing layers are all to be avoided.

3. Heart Face:

This kind of face has large foreheads, prominent cheekbones, and a point at the bottom of the jaw. Hairstyles with chin-length or shorter hair, side-sweeping fringe, and inward-facing layers go well with a heart-shaped face.

4. Square Face:

It is common for square-faced people to have a chin and forehead that are larger and more prominent. Sometimes, the breadth of a person’s forehead and jawline are almost identical. Avoid wearing your hair down to your chin if you have a square facial shape because of the angularity of your jawline. The sharpness of a square facial shape may be softened by tapered bangs and lengthy strands.

5. Diamond Face:

If you have been born with a diamond face, you are more likely to have narrow cheekbones than any other area of your face. The smaller width of the forehead distinguishes a diamond face shape from a heart face shape. Short and long bobs are particularly flattering on a diamond-shaped face, but any wig style works well on a diamond-shaped face.


There is a chance your facial shape does not exactly fall into one of the predefined categories. Moreover, many people have a facial shape that includes a variety of traits. Do not feel that your face shape is a hard and fast guideline to follow when it comes to picking out a wig that you will be delighted with. Choosing a wig style that makes you feel confident and comfortable is the most critical consideration. Good Luck!


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