You might have heard a lot about camping and glamping tents. However, eco-resort domes are something different. These resorts are also called geodesic domes. This innovative dome type is a wonderful approach to enjoy the spectacular natural views peacefully.

If you are thinking about designing a resort in a harsh environment that is more susceptible to heat, cold, or rain; the eco dome will provide you with a better and more effective solution. With the eye-catchy design, these domes will not only keep your customers safe but they can also enjoy the nature reflection through them.

Here we are going to discuss the features and advantages of eco-dome that makes them stand out from all other camping tent types. This article will surely help you to understand what the eco-dome is? Let’s get straight into it!

Features of Eco Resort Domes

· Design

As the name indicates, eco-resort domes are spherical/dome-shaped and look like a bubble. These domes are usually designed by connecting polygons which makes them easy to construct, arrange, and assemble.

Regardless of the basic property which is an eco-friendly approach, the material of these domes can be different. The most expensive eco domes are 3D structures so, the resident can enjoy the natural beauty through them.

However, other options in different price ranges are also available in the market.

· Insulation

The eco-resort domes are constructed from supreme quality PVC coated material (glass, concrete, Polyester Fabric). The main framework is usually made from stainless steel. However, for complete insulation different methods are being used like cotton, multilayered structure, etc.

When we use the word insulation it means both extreme hot and cold environment. So, these domes can make a perfect spot for mountaineers.

· Durability & Resistance

The eco domes are designed in a way to protect the individuals from not only the extreme temperatures but also the water, heavy wind, and other serious conditions. These domes have a strong durable design that extends their lifespan up to 10 years.

Best Eco Resort Domes Seller

When it comes to purchasing the eco dome, only the high-quality product will provide you with the above-mentioned features. There are countless eco domes sellers in the market and finding the best is your main task. If you are looking for durable, strong, appealing domes for large resort accommodation, make sure to check the Geodesic dome tents.

Geodesic is a China-based skilled manufacturer of countless different types of resort domes, especially eco domes. You can check the official website for the competitive price products.

Advantages of Eco Domes

· Eco-Friendly

Eco-domes are designed from high-quality material that is not only good for human use but it also keeps the environment safe.

· Energy Efficient

The dome shape of these tents makes them energy efficient. These domes are designed for constant ventilation and insulation.

· Captivating Design

Dome tents are one the most visually striking tent types and a great replacement for the conventional tent. It looks great to see the bubble-shaped dome surrounded by trees or on the top of montains.

· Robust Construction

From the research perspective, eco domes are much stronger than any other tent type as they need to maintain the internal environment regardless of the harsh surroundings.


An Eco resort dome is the innovative and right eco-tourism approach that many resorts are being used. If you are also looking for the conversion of conventional tents into eco domes, this guide will surely clear your way out.


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