Carrying a tote bag describes your looks, and how you should have, a bag depends upon your style & personality. It is simply a way to upgrade your look. The classic tote has a big, slouchy look, two handles, and no closing zipper. It comes in different shapes along with colors and sizes.

Some people use the tote bag custom as a fashion statement for a unique and appealing look. If you don’t know the correct way to carry a tote bag, no worries at all, as this article is for you. Below we’ll discuss some incorrect ways people often carry a tote bag and then we’ll walk you through different ways of carrying them properly. So let’s get started.

Incorrect Ways to Carry a Tote Bag

• Heavy Tote on One Size

It has been seen that most people, especially women, when going to marketplaces, load too much stuff in their tote. In addition, they keep the tote hanging on the same shoulder back to forth. This leads to muscular pull and leads to unbearable pain.

• Thin Strap But Heavy Load

When buying a tote, ensure it has not too thin a strap if you want to carry more than the average weight because a slim strap tote can cause a cut on your shoulder or even on your fingers if you hold it with your hands.

• Hanging Tote Too Low

Another mistake people make is hanging the tote bag too low on the shoulder, and keeping the weight too low cause serious injury to the shoulder and sometimes disconnection of blood supply to the muscle.

How to Carry a Tote Properly?

• Use A Small Size Tote

Always carry a small size tote that carries less stuff, especially if you have a walking distance of 10 to 15 minutes from your home to the marketplace.

• Alternate Your Shoulders

Always keep shifting your shoulder when carrying a tote bag to avoid muscle stress. Use 5-8 minutes for a single shoulder and then change to another. Keep the process continues until you reach your destination to prevent muscular injury.

• Use Totes for Suitable Distances

Remember, if you plan to go shopping for long distances or a whole day. Use a broad strap synthetic tote. Otherwise small to average type tote with a thin strap is the best option, but keep following the precautions.

• Alternate Your Hands

Sometimes people are used to carrying totes in their hands. It may cause fatigue or irritation in hand muscles or bones. Keep switching hands when you are in the marketplace or hanging out with friends.

• Always Check the Bag Before Going Out

It is essential to check your tote before going out. Over time, tote bags become damaged or torn out, sometimes that we never check. It may cause loss or damage to any of the stuff you bought.


Whether you are hitting a weekend grocery market or dressing up for a day at the office, there is a way to style your tote bag that will reflect your style. With so many options available, there is no reason not to add this essential piece to your bag collection. With above mentioned ways to carry a tote bag properly, you can use them with style.


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