An electric tea kettle is a basic necessity in your kitchen if you are a tea or coffee lover. It is a major kitchen appliance that is used to boil water for tea, coffee, or other beverages. It can boil water faster than a stove or a microwave. It also provides your desired temperature to the water to brew different types of tea. As compared to a stove or an oven, it uses less energy. It is portable and easy to use. Now your boiled water is just a button away. If you are a morning tea person, then an electric kettle can make your tea brewing faster and easier. The following features can help you choose the best electric tea kettle.


Most people buy electric tea kettles to speed up the process of tea brewing. Electric tea kettles are available in different speed options. Most kettles require two to three minutes to boil water. While other takes 80-90 seconds to prepare your tea. You can check the reviews to know the credibility of the speed claimed by an appliance of a certain brand.

Comfortable handle:

The electric kettle should have a comfortable handle to avoid any burns. It should be portable and lightweight even when it is filled completely. Grab the electric tea kettle and make sure it provides enough finger room to avoid contact with the hot kettle. The handle should be thick enough to provide a secure grip.

High-quality material and durability:

Electric kettles are made of glass, metal, plastic, or a combination of different materials. Plastic electric kettles are not hot to touch even with the boiling water inside. They are also lightweight but they may alter the flavor of your coffee or tea. Glass electric kettles are preferred by the people who like aesthetics and enjoy the sight of boiling water. But you should handle it carefully as it is prone to breaking on a fall.  Now, stainless steel is the most widely used to manufacture electric tea kettles. It offers durability and high tensile strength. It protects the kettle from any serious damage. Hence, you can buy any type of kettle which suits best to your taste.

Adjustable temperature settings:

Now, electric kettles come with variable temperature options. The different temperature of the water is required to brew different kinds of tea. Some people are least concerned about it, but it matters a lot to tea connoisseurs. Boiled water is ideal for black tea, but it does not give a perfect taste to other beverages. Oolongs, green teas, and some coffees require a temperature slightly lower than the boiling water temperature. If you want to brew your perfect coffee, then a kettle with adjustable temperature settings is perfect for you.

Are Noise-free electric tea kettles available?

Boiling water makes a lot of noise due to the formation of bubbles. Quiet electric tea kettles are available for people who do not like the noise. They have a special inside coating that reduces the formation of bubbles. Some kettles also make a beeping noise to indicate the boiling of water. You can use the electric tea kettle that comes with a light indicator to avoid unnecessary noise in your kitchen.


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