A body wave hair is one that has won the hearts of many in the wig industry, both sellers and wearers. The way the body wave curls and how full the hair can be is one of the main reasons this wig type is getting popular. Today, every wig lover wants a body wave wig as one of their collections. When anyone sees the wig, it advertises itself, and soon, the admirer of a body wave hair turns into an owner of one.

Body wave wigs are beautiful; no doubts about that. But sometimes, we wish we could buy a wig, but we don’t have an option. For instance, let’s assume you have saved money over two years to buy two great wigs. When you log on to the online store or visit the offline store, they probably will have a body wave wig. Of course, that body wave hair will be screaming your name, persuading you to buy the wig. But when you don’t have the means, you really can’t do anything about it.

Instead of beating yourself up about not having enough money or trying to save to buy body wave hair, you can find a mini solution. You can try to roll an existing wig into body wave-like curls. Luckily, you can try it on your own as the processes are not complex. However, we advise you to use a very old or cheap wig for this process, especially if it is your first time. For this procedure, you’ll need a hairbrush or wide tooth comb, clips, rollers, etc. Here’s the process to follow to curl your wig;

Step 1: Brush Your Hair Properly

It is usual for your wigs to have some tangles from time to time. These tangles should be removed before you have the thought of curling the hair. Of course, your hands can remove some tangles, but not all the time. Usually, a wig brush does the magic better. When you get one, you can continuously brush the hair in an oscillating manner.

Step 2: Divide Hair Into Segment

You can’t precisely roll all your wig into body wave hair at once – it will never come outright. What you can do to make it work better is divide the hair into smaller portions. To do this, you need a hair clip to hold the different sections. You may have brushed the hair while wearing it, but when it’s time to section it, it’s better you use a dummy.

Step 3: Roll and heat Each Section

With your hair rollers, it’s time to roll the section. This is the central part of the process, so you’ll need to be careful. First, visualize the design of the body wave hair you’re targeting and roll it with that exact measurement. Roll each section of the hair one by one to ensure you’re doing a thorough job. Rolling will give some curls, but the heat will make those curls more prominent. To heat these curls, a blow dryer will work fine. Ensure you set the heat to its warm setting. Too much heat will scatter the whole process.


Body wave wigs are beautiful, but with the information in this guide, you should be able to get the body wave curls, or at least get very close.


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