In the one piece series, kaido one piece was one of the most intriguing and, honestly, confusing characters. He was a member of the four emperors protecting the sea, and throughout the series, was regarded and proven as the strongest man in the One piece world. Not only is Kaido a strong character, but it is also almost impossible for kaido to be destroyed. Throughout the one piece series, Kaido has only sustained one injury in one fight.

With such a brilliant injury and strength record, it does not mean that kaido is invisible. As with almost any other anime series, there must be fights even when you are regarded as the strongest. And across all series, I do not think there is anyone that is void of disputes. Even during the fights, there is always a winner and loser regardless of you being the strongest. The same thing happened with Kaido, who was the strongest but still lost some battles. Although some people can never dream of defeating kaido, others have beaten him. Most defeats of kaido did not come as a result of strength but tactics. If you want to defeat kaido, you have to use more of the mind than your brains. Some of the people who have beaten kaido in a fight include;


Whitebeard may be one of the oldest heroes in the One piece world, but he often shared the title of being the strongest man in the world with kaido. Whitebeard was a yonko before the two years forward in the world of a one-piece. When whitebeard was younger, about with kaido will be an easy call for almost anyone because whitebeard will have won. Many believe that after the rock crew had their split, Whitebeard will have defeated kaido at least once. However, in a recent bout, it may not work that way due to his old age.

The navy

Before kaido became a yonko, he was more or less a pirate. And, of course, the job of the navy in the one piece world is to hunt down pirates. Therefore, they definitely would have come up against kaido and would have won. This was confirmed when kaido was introduced at the start of the one piece series. The introduction explained that Kaido had fought the navy more than once and lost. In fact, in one of those losses, the navy sentenced kaido to death. However, magically, Kaido escaped both the loss and the death sentence. No one knows how he did it, and while it seems impossible to escape a punishment like a death sentence, Kaido pulled it off. Now that kaido is a yonko, the navy trying to hunt him is more like a death sentence because he is stronger now.

Charlotte linlin

Charlotte Linlin is also known as a big mom, and while she’s a female, gender had nothing on her. She is a part of the yonko, and in ranks, she is equal to kaido. However, this doesn’t make her the strongest. But she clashed with Kaido at Onigashima.


Kaido may be the strongest man in the One piece universe, but he’s been beaten by many people. We have discussed some of the people that have beaten him above.


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