Human hair wigs are not the cheapest hair products on the market. However, there are a few cheap human hair wigs on the market. Note that the cost of a human hair wig is usually determined by the type of hair, cap, construction, and the wig-making process used to manufacture it. For this reason, this post looks into the most common process for wig making.

The wig making process

The process of making a wig is complex, especially for human hair wigs; it features the following steps;

Step 1: preparing and laying down the strands

The first step of the wig-making process is preparation. This is where you get the hairs and every other product you need for the process, like the cap. Human hair wigs usually use hair strands donated from real human beings from different nationalities and ethnicities. Once you have the hairs, you must lay them down on a surface. While doing this, do not forget to ensure that the strands face the same direction. At this stage, you must also separate the shorter strands from the longer ones. Typically, hair strands that are shorter than three inches are usually not used.

Step 2: Tieing the strands together and washing

Once you have perfectly laid the strands, the next step is to tie them together to form a bundle of hair. From there, you must wash the bundle of hair. You will need warm and soapy water for this step. Afterward, you also have to carefully rinse the hair bundle and dry it in the open air.

Step 3: Styling the hair

Once you have properly cleaned and rinsed the hair bundle, the next step is to style it. This is the point in the procedure where you curl or wave the hair. You can also dye it or straighten it. The styling route you take depends on your market and preference.

Step 4: Creating the foundation

The next part of the process is creating the foundation. The foundation is also known as the base. You can use various materials like mesh or silk to do this.

Step 5: knotting the strands

Once the foundation or base is ready, you can start knitting the hairs on it. You can use a single knot to do this. Note that you must knot one strand at a time. Ensure to create the knots throughout the wig and in the front edges. There are other knot types you can use. The knotting process is the hardest part of the wig-making process. Once it is completed, you must iron the surface to secure the knots. From there, your wig is good to go.

Final word

Note that among the reasons why human hair wigs are expensive is their manufacturing process. As seen above, making a human hair wig takes a lot of time and effort. This is why the products sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars once they are professionally completed. However, it is also worth mentioning that there is more than one technique for making human hair wigs.


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