Every summer, you get to enjoy the feel of the sun and the summer breeze on your skin. You feel great, because, finally, you get to enjoy the outdoors once more. Unfortunately, summer comes with dirt and grime, resulting from air pollution.

Unlike what you’re feeling in summer, your house, vehicle, or building don’t feel the same, as they may be completely covered with mud, grass, pollen, decay, or stains. You need not worry about how to get rid of this flotsam and jetsam; pressure washers have got you covered.

Pressure washers are very helpful in removing all forms of debris from all kinds of surfaces. Some examples of these surfaces are gutters, roofs, decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways, parking lots, protective coverings, etc. The high pressure used in producing water from the spray nozzle makes effortless washing possible.

Like pressure washing, power washing is often used in place of the former, although there is no concrete proof of how genuinely identical they are. While pressure washers are excellent for flat surfaces because of their uniformed cleaning pattern, power washing, on the other hand, requires a more intense form of washing, as it gets rid of dirt in tanks and tracks.

Homes and businesses use pressure washers, which do their work without stress, irrespective of size. However, this depends on the surface to be cleaned, the type of nozzle that fits such surface, and the suitable choice of higher or lower pressure.

You are probably more familiar with the size and power required in lawnmowers, but not in pressure washers. These two devices are pretty different, but that won’t be discussed in this article; instead, we’ll explain why a pressure washer should be your best buddy.

Why You Need Pressure Washers All Year Round

Cleaning your backyard, washing down furniture, or getting rid of the garbage on your vehicle may seem like an easy task, but it isn’t. You want to get huge cleaning jobs done in time; pressure washers are for you.

Below is a list of cleaning activities that different types of pressure washers can handle:

  1. Electric pressure washer of 1300-1900psi.

Task: Washing cars, outdoor furniture, grills, plastic play sets, small decks, and patios.

  1. 2200psi pressure washer.

Task: Medium duty usage, including all areas around the house and cleaning cars, decks, windows, etc.

  1. 2000-3000psi gas pressure washer.

Task: Useful in both homes and shops. This pressure washer can perform tasks similar to the ones above, but it can also be used on boats and other vehicles.

  1. Gas pressure washer of 3200-4200psi.

Task: High-duty applications, such as peeling off of paints, surface prepping for painting, removal of graffiti, scouring construction sites, and vessel upkeep.


Now you don’t have to stick with just using a regular hose for wash downs, which is not as effective as the cleaning power of pressure washers. With the above specifications, you now know what pressure washers to use and why you need them.


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