To clean a plastic clear 5 gallon bucket¬†effectively, it is best to use a mixture of efficient cleaning tools and suitable substances. When we say “suitable,” we mean the cleaning agents are compatible with and won’t harm the plastic.

Bucket-Cleaning Equipment

Old rags, brushes, and scrubbers are all good options for cleaning plastic buckets. These items are especially helpful when the plastic buckets contain particularly stubborn residues and stains.

Many people wonder if bleach is safe to use on plastic food-safe buckets when they are looking for cleaning solutions. Cleaning a bucket that is safe for food with bleach is possible, but there are many other effective options that are just as good.

How to Remove Any Substance Out of a Plastic Bucket

Cleaning tools and cleaning agents must work in tandem to remove granular, embedded residue from a plastic bucket after removing oil, paint, or food. Scrub the grime away using a brush or sponge for cleaning with a warm soapy water made out of a quarter of clear liquid dishwashing detergent. After all of the residue has been washed away, rinse.

How to Eliminate Smell Out of a Plastic Bucket

A plastic bucket may need to be scrubbed clean and deodorized at the same time. Do this by combining four tablespoons of baking soda with a gallon of warm water in a plastic bucket. This is how to rid a plastic bucket of a pungent odor, such as pickle juice or cooking oil. Wait around 30 minutes, or until the solution has completely neutralized the odor.

Get the plastic bucket wet, scrub it, and then dry it. As a last resort, if the odor persists after doing this, place crumpled newspaper in the plastic bucket and seal it up for two days. Remove the paper, and you should notice that the odor has been absorbed by the paper and is no longer present. Both the bucket and its lid should be cleaned with hot, soapy water and then dried thoroughly.

Tips on Removing Stain Out of a Plastic Bucket

Bleach, or another powerful cleaning agent, can be used to remove stubborn stains from plastic buckets. Substances used for food coloring, coffee, tomato or beet juice, and the like can cause serious discoloration and fading issues. One tablespoon of chlorine bleach (or vinegar, which is safe to use in food preparation and kills viruses and bacteria) added to warm water will effectively disinfect your plastic bucket.

To remove stains from a container, fill it with as much warm water as is needed to submerge the stained area. If the lid is stained as well, lay it flat in the sink and pour some of the bleach solutions over it. The plastic bucket and its lid should be soaked for around 30 minutes to completely remove any grime. Clean the plastic pail and lid with hot soapy water and then dry them completely.

It’s also possible to use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer. Cleaning is as simple as filling a bucket with alcohol, rinsing the debris away, and then washing the bucket and its contents in detergent and water. If you don’t have access to bleach, you can still use the bleach-soaking method by filling a plastic bucket with alcohol and letting it sit for a few minutes.

When it comes to cleaning food-grade buckets, time is of the essence, but with the help of these plastic bucket cleaning tips, the job can be done quickly and easily.


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