A pressure washer will make your cleaning simple and convenient even when you want a sparkling clean home. But with so many pressure washers out there, it is vital to look for those that remain customers’ favorite and learn a few things about them. For instance, the Giraffe Tools pressure washer has many technology-oriented features that make it stand out. First, its high uninterrupted water pressure¬†helps remove dirt and grime. What else should you know?

Features and technology that make Giraffe Tools pressure washer unique

The Giraffe Tools pressure washer machines are functional, practical, and time-saving. They come with the tube winding mechanism already fixed on them from the factory. That can save you up to 30 minutes of machine mounting time and makes them the most popular in the market. Find out other outstanding features that make the Giraffe Tools pressure washer popular below.

Removable strut

One thing that makes Giraffe Tools pressure washer unique and most preferred is that they do not occupy a large space. Instead, they come with a dismount-able bracket which you can fix to the wall using a few screws. That leaves plenty of room in your yard or deck space, making the machine the best to use if you have limited space. It allows for flexibility because you can clean lots of spaces even when it means moving around.

Huge hose reel range

The large radius for the hoses makes it very convenient for homeowners. You can use it from where you mount it and cover the entire home’s cleaning without moving the machine. For example, most Giraffe Tools pressure washers come with a hose that can cover a radius of 100 feet. That means they can cover most home spaces from one spot. The hose reel is also of superb quality, and you can expect it to serve you for long without destruction.

Total stop system

Besides the quality and durable materials that make the machines, the Giraffe Tools pressure washer is also quite safe. Thanks to the total stop system that safeguards the pump from damage. The systems allow the machine to shut off the pump when you disengage the trigger. It helps ensure that the built-in pressure does not damage the machine. It is also a good mechanism to save energy, allowing you to use the machine without spending a lot of money.

Automatic folding and storing

The Giraffe Tools water pressure has retractable tube storage that you can retrieve from where you were using it. That helps reduce the work and the energy you need to tidy up. It also increases its efficiency and the convenience of using the machine. If you love neatness, the machine comes in a package to ensure you achieve that.


You now know that the Giraffe Tools pressure washer has many unique features that make it outstanding. Don’t hesitate to have it at your home. The user manual is easy to understand, and it can assist you throughout the usage process. More so, you can easily install the machine without calling an expert.


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