A car dent remover is used to remove dents from the car’s bodywork. Suction and glue kits are the two most common types of pullers. Suction dent pullers are similar to plungers in that they are used to remove dents by attaching them to the dent and pulling them toward you.

Using kit dent pullers, flat pulling tabs are attached to the dent with glue. Simply twist the handle on the pulling tab to remove the tab from the car. The pulling tab on some kits is attached to a pole. The upward pressure is provided by sliding weight along the pole, similar to a bicycle pump.

Do Dent Pullers Work?

Dents can only be removed using dent pullers on flat, flexible surfaces. But it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to achieve a perfect finish. It’s not possible to remove deep, angular dents or damage on the bodywork edges with DIY dent pullers. Trying to fix dents on thick metal at home is extremely difficult.

How to Remove a Dent from a Car with Different Types of Dent Pullers?

Use the dent puller┬ákit according to the directions that come with it. Depending on the severity of the dent, it may take several tries to remove it. After thoroughly cleaning the car’s exterior, the next step is to inspect the vehicle for damage. The dent puller will adhere to the metal better if the damaged area is thoroughly dried.

Suction Dent Pullers:

  • The puller’s suction surface should be dampened with a small amount of water before being attached to the vehicle.
  • Small dings can be pulled out by placing the puller in the middle of the ding.
  • Begin at the edges and work your way toward the center when dealing with large dings.
  • You can begin pulling the puller up towards your body as soon as the car is securely attached to the puller.
  • Instead of a single large tug, apply a series of quick, small pulses.

Glue Dent Pullers:

To use a glue dent puller kit, adhere a flat pulling tab to the dent with hot glue. In order to raise it away from the vehicle, simply twist the tab’s handle. Other kits use a pole to attach the pulling tab. A weight is slid along the pole, much like a bicycle pump, to apply upward pressure to the pole.

A variety of things can cause dents on your car’s finish. Hail, a fender bender, or damage that appeared while the car was parked could take all account for the damage you have sustained. What matters is that it doesn’t look its best regardless of the cause.


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