Construction blocks or building blocks, as they are often called, are a great recreational activity for both kids and adults. They serve as the perfect mental activity to pass time which cannot be said for other toys.

There are a lot of building blocks available, but mould king is a special construction toy set among others. What makes mould king special, what are the features and advantages, and what are some recommended mould king toys? This article is a complete guide to anyone considering getting a mould king set.

The Mould King Toy Company

Mould king is a trademark of a Chinese toy manufacturer with roots in Chenghai, China. It was established in 2012 and has grown to become one of the top building block toy companies in the market with toys ranging from Star Wars models to Formula 1-style cars. Guangdong Yuxing Technology Industry is the parent organization of mould king. It is based in Chenghai, the city that many people view as the toy capital of the world.

What Makes Mould King Special?

With lots of modern equipment and being qualified technically, Guangdong Yuxing is a specialist when it comes to making toys as required by their customers. Their toys are easily recognizable among others in the market by customers due to their careful detailed designs that come with zero error and their use of environmentally friendly materials.

Mould king toys are all industry approved and certified and their products are sold across the world. The company has built a reputation based on trust with its customers and strives to uphold this standard at all costs. This is what motivates and pushes them to keep on producing high-quality work in the market consistently.

Mould king has been producing construction blocks for everyone for over 8 years.  During this time frame, the company has partnered with more than 100 designers and collaborators to manufacture more than 1200 construction block sets of the highest quality.

Features of Mould King Building Block Sets

  • Mould king bricks are gotten from Gobricks which has a reputation of having the best bricks in China. This adds to the overall high quality for which mould king is known.
  • The construction blocks come in a cardboard box for easy access. The box has some information outlined on it. These include pictures of the blocks inside, pictures of what the final model looks like, the number of bricks, and safety warnings for kids.
  • The color quality of the blocks is of high quality. They are very beautiful and look as realistic as other building blocks in the market.
  • The construction blocks are made with plastics that are friendly to the environment. The manufacturer engraved a code on each piece of brick.

Advantages of Getting Building Block Sets

  • Materials used in making construction blocks are safe for kids.
  • Construction blocks are tough and last long despite exposure to physical stress like hitting against the wall. They also last long against factors like temperature and the passing of time. Another bonus is that the colors don’t get washed out.
  • The construction blocks are easily assembled and the pieces fit well together.
  • Mould king blocks help to improve kids’ creativity and invention and provide a great opportunity for parents to bond with their kids.


There are a lot of great construction block toy sets out there, but mould king stands out due to its focus on excellence and high quality. With so many models of the set in the market ranging from anime-inspired models to battleships and race cars, there are so many options, and getting a set for your kid or maybe yourself would be a great idea.


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